Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hey gang sorry for the absence from blog world.

Things here are crazy, work is crazy, family is crazy, life in general is crazy.

Hope all is well, I will try to catch up later.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Quick Update.

OK, so my plan to blog more often has not come to pass.

But here is a quick update as to what is happening in the world of all things Brad.

1. Church - things are good. Every week I think I love our church more and hope things continue. Alison and I are discussing if with all that is happening if we are going to lead a new small group at the first of the year or just join one. I am super excited about the new groups that I am picking up as a coach and look forward to walking with those leaders. Last thing - Pat Hood Rocks! Every sermon and series gets better and better. Way to bring your A game Pat.

2. Work - Things in the world of Dirt are good. RMC just signed a contract for the largest job in our company history. YEAH! We all keep working for a few more months. Things are changing rapidly with the growth of RMC. The more tasks that are passed to new personnel the less time I seem to have, I am transitioning from splitting time between project management and estimating to just working in the estimating. It is fun but very stressful.

3.Adoption - The end is in sight. Alison and I have officially hired an attorney and filed a petition to become Norah's legal parents. We have just a few more hurdles and we have to wait until after 12-26-07 to go to court. We are close.

I think that is all, things coming up are...
1. My buddy Phil from high school is coming to stay for a few days as he looking for job and apartment in order to move back from L.A.
2. I am officially becoming the Business Manager for Bynum Photography, so as Alison slows down a little during the winter we will be looking through the books and the other aspects of BP.



Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I know I just copied Alison's blog, but she said I needed a new post.

Here it is

Monday, October 22, 2007

Going to Carolina

Well really I'm in South Carolina, Anderson SC. to be exact. I have had the oppertunity to come to a conference with the guys from church. We are at the All Access Conference for New Spring Church in Anderson. It has been good so far. This church has truly been blessed the church started about 8 years ago and has exploded to about 7 or 8 thousand people AMAZING!

So we are here to see if ther are things we can bring back to Smyrna.

I will let you know what I learn.



Thursday, October 18, 2007

Enough Already

OK I know that I am not the first person to bring up this topic but something has to be done.

We must ban together and put an end to cheesy church message boards. NOW!!!!

I drive past a "small country church" on my way to work everyday and everyday I thing "Is there really one person who was far from God and drove past one of these signs, (for example, "The man who gets on his knees before God, can stand up to anything" or a personal favorite during the summer "You Think This Is Hot!!" and many many more.) and think that sign is right I will go to that church." To my knowledge I don't think this has ever happened.

The only purpose these signs serve is for the people who are already members of the church to feel they have "creatively" spread some biblical wisdom to the rest of us.

So I am starting a movement, Help Followers of the way of God not be Cheddar anymore.
I need a better name I know, but you get the point.

If we are going to reach a planet with the Love of God and introduce them to the life changing power of Jesus, it is not going to happen with plastic letters arranged in sudo-clever phrase in the parking lot of churches. As much as most church goers don't want to admit it we as the people of God MUST and dare I say again MUST forge relationships with the people in our lives who do not know God. PERIOD.

And if you don't know anyone that is far from God than you need new friends.

Someone once said "the healthy don't need a doctor"



Monday, October 15, 2007

God Kicks My Butt

So we have started a new series at Church about Joe. check out the church website for more info about the series and times for service, maybe even podcast the ones you have missed.

Anyway the overriding theme has been to realize that nothing happens by accident and that God's providence rules the universe and everything in it. So much happens in our lives that we pass off as an accident or happen stance and that is such a load of crap.

Everything in our lives happens in accordance with God's will. And I will be honest sometimes that sucks to here. When the dark and stormy days of our lives come and the worst possible things that could happen shows up for breakfast, it is hard to think past the doom and gloom to see that God is working this event for his Glory.

I wish that being a Christ follower was as easy as it is made out to be by those guys on TV. you know "if you trust Jesus its steak dinners and football season year round (that's my personal view of heaven). Or if the unthinkable happens and you have a bad day a "love gift" of 25 to 50 dollars and you be sent a tear stained "prayer cloth" to ease you suffering. If these things speak to you I have a holy yellow lab that for the Believer's discount of $15.99 you can pet your sadness away.

Following the way of God has to be about faithfulness and trust. The trust that God will do and be what He says, and the faith to stick behind it.
And pushing my self to do that is hard, and when I notice I have not been living up to my part of the bargain God gives me a swift kick in the butt.


Friday, October 12, 2007


As with everyone else in the world I struggle with purpose. Why am I here sort of question. I know the right answer is that I am here to spread the fame of my God to everyone I come in contact with and represent His love to others. I understand that part of it, but where I struggle is where (physical location) am I supposed to be to do that.

I spent seven years at the B&GC investing in the lives of kids and their parents but at the end of my time there I was miserable. All I wanted to do was leave so I did.

Now I have spent the last 2 and a half years learning the construction business and have had a good time and I enjoy what I do and the biggest difference from the club is I enjoy who I do it for.

So if I like my job and I like my boss, why do I feel unsure about if this is the correct life path for me?

So My professional life has come down to these questions.

1. Am I following God in my chosen profession?
2. Does what I am doing for money match what my heart tells me to do?
3. If not what's next?
4. Am I just in a rut and over thinking this?

So I guess what I am saying is that if anyone in the blogging world has the answers to all of life's questions let me know, after we get a handle on our lives we can write a book sell it at Lifeway and make a ton of cash, and then we would have to work any more. Maybe that is the answer all along.



Thursday, October 11, 2007


So after a monstrous voting process (3 responses), I have made a blogging decision.

I am going to try this again. I know that seems like a questionable decision considering only about 3 people read this but I have decided to look at this as a challenge. I want to build a following.

So here we go the first thing is to work on the look and name of this blog.

I need help I am not creative in the least, so I will trying out different layout and looks over the next week or so when you see a new on let me know what you think, also the same for the name I need something awesome.

OK the 3 readers that are here the other think is think of the most creative person you know and send them a link.

It's grassroots blogging.

Today there is only 3 but tomorrow who knows.



Monday, October 8, 2007


Does anyone read this?

If so I will attempt to update regularly and share thoughts and such.

if not I will just take it down.

Let me know



Friday, September 28, 2007

Greetings from the Windy City...

That's right boys and girls I'm in Chicago, home of the Blues Brothers, the setting for Backdraft and yes DA BEARS!!!

I am at Willow Creek Community Church for their annual Group Life Conference. This is the second year that I have had the opportunity to be here and it is great. It is amazing to see what a HUGE God we serve. I know I tend to get caught up with tell about what God is doing right there in good ol' Smyrna and tend to forget God is at work in all places at all times.

For example there are several different countries represented here at the conference and God is doing some awesome work with small groups in all those places.

I will blog later about what I am learning and thinking, until then remember...


Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Title...

No this has nothing to do with work, I am an UNCLE now. Yesterday my bro. Jason and his wife Shai gave birth to future MTSU Linebacker Hank Whelan Bynum, 21.5" long, 9.5lbs. Congrats, and Hank remember since I am your uncle that means that I am just like your dad only cooler.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I finally got drunk enough to break dance.

Not really but I did turn 30 last Friday and so far my early 30's aren't that much different from my late 20's.

I still have to get up and go to work (for about 38 more years), I am still overweight, and I still owe lots of people lots of money.

So, with the glory days of my youth behind me and a lifetime of work and taxpaying ahead, I stop and ponder what can be good about 30. Here's what I come up with.

1. I am a father now, technically that happened while I was 29 but the majority of the work to be done as a parent still lies ahead. And just to clear up a very important issue yes I have a daughter and yes I have a gun. Boys Beware!!!!

2. My wife still loves me. This is an important one because the next major birthday could spark one of those mid life crisis and I might run out and buy a convertible or something and then miss my truck and want to trade again. Luckily that sort of happened around 30 and I did not get a divorce. So in summary even though I am probably not the man that my wife married, at least she loves the man I have become.

3. Work, lets be real, no one likes to work, sure you may like what you do, and if your lucky you even like who you do it for. But no one likes to work. I really enjoy what I do and have a great work environment, but if I did not have to pay a lot of bills, I would not be working.

4. Church, just because church has ended up at number 4 on this ever growing list of rambling, do not take that as some sort of ranking system, just typing as it comes. On to the point, As I have become an adult and matured my view of not only by personal faith, but a corporate faith with my local body of believers, aka, THE CHURCH, I have a much better understanding of my role as a church member, and I have enjoyed getting to know the church staff as friends and staff vs. just that's my pastor.

So now that a vast amount of possible productive time for my employer has been wasted as I emptied my brain, let me close with this......



Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I read and interesting quote today.

"Don't let what's wrong with you stop you from worshiping what is right with God!"

All I can say is WOW.

How often to we go to church, wake up any morning of the week or just have the thought during the day that I just don't feel like it today. Oh, how I wish that was a valid excuse. I don't feel like doing what my boss tells me, I don't feel like changing Norah's poopy diaper, I don't feel like.....etc. You name all the things that have to be done, but when it comes to offering ourselves in worship to the God who made us, loves us, and saves us, I just don't feel like seems to do the trick.

Why is that? What do yo feel like doing today?

Then there is the side of that quote that begins the question, what is wrong with you that stands between you and God. That is another post all by it's self.

And then we can talk about what is write with God.

Peace Out!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Alison

Happy Birthday to My Baby's Mama!!!

Welcome to your LATE 20's.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I think this is where I blog....

So for the 3 people that will read this (hi mom), I am going to attempt to try to blog again.

It has been a crazy month and a half here at Camp Bynum.

1. I had kidney stones, which resulted in 2 ER trips an overnight stay at Stonecrest and some medical procedure that I can not spell but basiclly resulted in getting hit in the side 2500 time by a jelly pouch (and we pay money for this). The upside it was nice to have a week off (even if I don't remember most of it), I lost like 15 pounds from not eating during my drug induced coma. and Finallly the drugs pretty much rocked. All I can stay is what ever they gave me in the ER was known as morphine's big brother.

2. On friday afternoon, just as I was deciding to get out of bed for the first time in a week, the phone rang it was Amanda our social worker, "you been chosen and on tuesday you can come pick up your baby GIRL" Needless to say crazy times came over the next 72 hours. But after all the waiting On Tuesday June 26th we got our baby (see pass post or check out the Adoptiong blog for "one million pictures" imagine me holding my pinky up to my mouth while saying that).

3. Once Norah joined the Bynum Clan the month of July was CRAZY NUTS, thats right both Crazy and Nuts, it doesn't get much more out there than that. Unless of course it become WACKY CRAZY NUTS, but Norah is not mobile yet but I'm sure those days are ahead. Thanks to everyone who, Came to visit and gave us stuff it has been overwhelming. We love you all and Thank God for each of you.

So, that is it the last month and a half in a nutshell (help get me out of this nutshell) sorry to much Austin Powers lately. We ran the gammit form debilatating pain to unbelieveable joy.

I am going to try to update this a little more consisently and maybe with some intersting and not just blog crap.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome Norah!!!

Alison and I would like to introduce you to our brand new baby girl.

Norah Lucille Bynum
Born May 28th
6lbs 9oz.

Norah joined our family on Tuesday June 26th. We are so glad to have her home.


Friday, June 8, 2007

Light At the End?.......Not Yet.

As we drove into Virginia Beach on Monday we went through this tunnel under the Bay.
Our thoughts were pure excitement as we were driving to pick up our son and start the newest chapter of our lives.

However on Tuesday, we received news that changed the entire atmosphere of the trip.
The little boy which we had come to adopt, has some medical issues which Alison and I are not at a stage where we feel that this is something we could handle. So, after a long difficult night of prayer and tears, we decided to come home and pass on this situation.

To everyone who has prayed for us during any phase of this process, THANK YOU and keep it up.

Alison and I know that God will provide a child in his timing.


Friday, May 11, 2007

The Love of My Life!!!!

5 years ago today I had the privilege of marrying the absolute love of my life, Alison.

Alison thanks for 5 great years and I look forward to a lifetime more.
I am SO Proud of you and I Love you very much.

Praise God for the Gift of Marriage and the WONDERFUL woman He allowed me to be with.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Trowel and the Sword....

I have begun listening to a pastor from Seattle via podcast, and I really like it.

First of all let me sidebar a moment and let you know how wonderful the whole podcast world is. If you are like I am and are blessed like I am and attend a wonderful church, where the pastor brings it every week, then you know what it is like to hear the Word of God spoken to a culture in crisis and in need of Jesus. It is amazing that a word can get all up in your stuff and at the same time make you walk away saying "I needed to hear that". And if you are blessed like I am then you get that pretty much every week.

All that to say I have discovered the world of podcasting preachers. Guys all around the country who put the Word of God out on Al Gore's internet for all the world to soak up. There is some truly amazing stuff out there and I have enjoyed getting to here some of it. My job affords me the oppertunity to drive alot and pick up plans or visit job site, etc... Which becomes church time. Thank God for people who have made technology simple enough for a public school guy like me to use it.

Anyway after all that nonsense I have been listening to a series on Neimiah. Today I listened to the sermon about Chapter 4. I have always heard verses from this chapter about "eachone to his own work" and been told I have have a job for God that was created for me, and believe me that excites me, but today I heard more.

This pastor spoke about how God has given us two things to do 1.Build something (trowel) and the protect it (Sword). Now for the 2 people who read this you know I like to consider myself and "Manly Man" and I am really into defense. The Unit is my favorite TV show on right now (we can talk more about that in another post) and it is all about a group of hardcore guys protecting the country and each other, I LOVE IT! Back to the point "The Trowel and The Sword" is the name of a news paper started by Charles Spurgen. Our lives are about building and protecting.

So after a long ramble what is my point? What are you building and how are you defending it? Mine are....
1. Relationship with God
2. My Marriage (I Love You Alison)
3. Getting ready for a family
4. Community both work and church.

Build as an expert builder and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Long Time No Blog...

Well I don't guess I can say anything about people who start blogs and then never write new post.

Recap of the Last few weeks,

Lots of Work, that is about all there is to know.

On a different note I have begun listening to a new sermon series. It promises to be interesting.

The openning sermon made the claim that the progress of Christinaity as a whole moves from rural to urban.
The movment of the Bible from the Garden in the begining to Christ bringing back the "New Jeruslem" (a city) in His return.
As one who has alway prefered the country to the city, does this mean I will have to change my mindset in order to see the world through the eyes of Jesus?

I guess as I listen more I will find out.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

just a few thoughts...

Whew, This has been a crazy few days. New York, sickness, hospitals, and "broken faces" have all been issues to deal with over the past week (only the New York refers to myself, all others family and friends) around the Bynum household. As I have been caught in the crazy, spinning that goes on inside my mind these days I was struck this morning with a realization. Am I making an attempt to worship Jesus with everything I do or is it just busyness?

I have a full week every week, even the nights I "have nothing to do" it seems it is already 8:30 or 9:00pm before I begin to slow down. I have been podcasting some different preachers from around the country and one sermon I listened to this morning challenged me to make everything I do Worship of Jesus. Everything I (we) dos is already worship of something, TV, hobbies, work, etc.. Why do we continually offer our worship to something/someone other than Jesus.

Thought #2: I have begun to process the thoughts of the trip to New York, I have come to a couple of conclusions;

1. New York is a ripe field ready for harvest. We had the opportunity to meet some wonderful followers of Christ, who are preparing the soil and planting the seeds on a daily basis. There is such an opportunity for every Christian to use the gifts and talents they have been giving in such a diverse environment. In other words no matter what you passion is there is a way to use it in New York. An example of this is when we took a train to "China Town" on Sat. afternoon for lunch, when we stepped off the train we could have just as easily been in Beijing. All the people, all the billboards, newspapers, store, all the everything was Chinese. Immediately my mind thought of the families who have adopted from China and had there life changed by God adding to their families. What a cool place to do a mission trip, not only could these families see another glimpse of what the culture their child is from looks like, but also have the opportunity to so that same culture how to meet Jesus and change their eternal future.

2. I was amazed at the love these pastors showed for their "neighborhood". I use the term neighborhood only because it is the word they used but we are talking about areas bigger than Smyrna. This was a huge area with thousands and thousands of people but these men saw it as their community. Why do we(I) have so much trouble with the thought of reaching our neighborhoods? By New York Standards everyone in Northern Rutherford County is in my neighborhood.

Long and rambling, I know.

P.S. Alison I might consider going back to New York. if it is for the purpose of Jesus.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Billy Joel Sang......

I have always kinda liked the Billy Joel song "New York State of Mind" although I never thought I would go to New York. To be completely honest I don't like cities or large crowds of people so since that pretty much describes New York you can see my hesitation to go.

Well, I spent Friday night and all day Saturday in Brooklyn, go figure. I was given the opportunity through FBC Smyrna to go and check out some mission projects opportunities. It was a very rushed trip, no time for sight seeing or anything like that but it was all business.

We arrived at JFK 2hrs late (after an hour delay while still in Nashville and a "traffic jam" in the air causing some circles) and caught what seemed to be the last trains of the night. We rode the "Air Train", the "Long Island Rail Road", then a subway train and ended the night with a few blocks of walking, to finally settle in at the missions center about 1am. A few hours of sleep later we woke up had a little breakfast and off we were.

The first stop of the day dropped Eddie, Pete and David off to meet with a pastor of a church in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, who runs a baseball program for the kids in his church from ages 8-18. We attended the opening day festivities for the 68th prec. Youth Assoc. league complete with a parade featuring the police bag pipe core (I guess they are a core or maybe band, I'm not sure) and all the teams of the league marching in their uniforms. After the ceremonies we left the guys to see the church and help run practice for the 15-16 year old team, and talk with the pastor about a project our church could help with.

After getting the guys dropped off Tim, Rodney and myself caught a train back to the missions center to meet with a pastor, who has a Chinese church in the "Chinatown" part of Brooklyn. We met with the pastor and three young ladies who attend his church and have a small praise band. After meeting at the missions center for a little while the pastor took us to Chinatown for lunch. I won't describe everything we ate because some of you may have weak stomachs, but lets just say there were chicken feet and cow stomach lining made up a couple of the dishes YUM! After "lunch" we caught the train back to the mission center to meet up with the baseball crew.

By the time we all got back, Eddie and I grabbed our stuff and caught the series of trains back to JFK. I arrived home about 12:30am.

Good Stuff. As I process the things I saw and heard I will post again my feelings about New York and our opportunities there.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter tired...

Is anyone else worn out from the Easter weekend. Alison and I had so much going on this weekend it seemed and as for me I am tired. Sat. Morning we joined several other pepole from our neighborhood and hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for all the little ones. Those kids moved so fast I never could get a accurate gauge on the numbers but I know there were about 1500 eggs when the hunt started and about 10mins later they were gone. Alison and I don't have any kids, so I can only guess about 30 mins later there were some major sugar highs.

After that Alison's brother and mother came over and we went out to lunch at Red Robin in the boro.(big shout out for the cheeseburger with the fried egg on top). After lunch we came back to the house for some wii bowling and such.

That night we went to the Sat. night service, and then out to dinner with the Emerys and Bullens at Razz.

Sunday morning came and I was up with the sun, even no I had no intentions of attending any sort of sunrise service. We were at Church by about 8:30 and helping the MPC venue for worship, after church we went to Alison's moms house for lunch and then on to Alison grand parents house for some egg hunting (the guys won).

Finally we went to dinner with Jason and Shai at Hickory Falls.

Hopefully a rest is coming some time this week.

I hope your Easter was wonderful.


Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday...

You know when you really look back on what Jesus had to go through it seems a little odd to call this "Good Friday". The pain, the agony, the humiliation, all this is good? The horror of the cross only becomes good when we look at it in light of what Jesus accomplished. Payment in full for OUR disobedience to God. Restore the Glory of the Father. It is only in the outcome of the cross that we can look back and call it "good".

As each of us spend the next few days processing the cross, let us not forget the reason it was good is because of The God of Creation was the one one on the cross.

Thank You Jesus for dying for me, so that I might live for you.


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Pictures

This past Sunday was my Grandmothers birthday. Alison and I were unable to go to West TN to see her but all her kids did get a chance to come by and my cousin Gary sent me a couple of great shots.

This is my Grandmother, Aunt Cora, Uncle Billy, my Dad, Uncle Mike, and Uncle Bobby.

I thought this was a great shot of my dad. He is awesome!!!

Happy Birthday Grandmother and I hope to see you all soon.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

All things......

I have taken a couple of days to process what Pat preached about last Sunday. I come from a very "tradtional" SB Church in west TN, and for me getting to the point I am has been a journey. I love FBCSmyrna, and any growth in my relationship with Christ can be directly traced by to a service, a song, a converstation in the hall, or just listening to the people around me. As I have progressed along the road I have often wondered how the church is called to engage the people in the communities in which we live. FBC's ability to look past the nonimportant aspects of "church life" ex. dress, music, etc... and focus in on the life changing message "Good News" of the fact that God Himself stepped to this world and paid the price for humanities disobediance of God, that each one of us could be adopted into His family to live forever with Him. Our focus should be, as Pat explained so well,

"....to win as many as possible."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pursuing Humility....

I am currently reading the book "Uprising" by Erwin McManus and I love his style of writing and his view of the way living as a follower of Christ looks like. The section of the book that I am reading right now is dealing with being humble like Christ. I have always known that as a follower of Christ I am called to be humble, but you know like everything else that means I will get there at some point. Turns out that may not be exactly the case. If I ever get to the point where I can say "I have made it I AM HUMBLE!" guess what then I have lost it. The change in our lives comes in the pursuit.

Keep on chasing...

Friday, March 23, 2007


So, when I was about 20 I decided that I wanted a tattoo. I thought about it for a while and then very randomly one night I walked into a shop in Murfreesboro and picked a "christian fish" off the boards and about thirty minutes later, I had a tattoo. Now it is not a great tattoo...not a lot of creativity or thought went into it, just a symbol of the faith that I claim to live by.

So a couple of years later I wanted another one. I put a little more thought into it and decided that I would put the trinity symbol on my other shoulder, so I did. It was ok, just a basic outline of the symbol of Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

I still was not satisfied and I year or so later thanks to a birthday gift from my little bro. Jason (big shout out) who will possibly blog about his own tattoo story, I added the phrase "the hope of glory" in greek under my trinity. This is a reference to Colossians where the Bible reminds us that Christ in us is THE HOPE OF GLORY!

So, fast forward a couple of years and I got the itch again. This time I wanted something a little different. My first ideas were the Superman logo (I'm a big Superman fan) along with finding a appropriate scripture to go along with it. After talking about it for a while and searching for the proper scripture and layout it just seemed that I could not settle in on it enough to go get it. I'll insert a quick tattoo tip here, If you are not sure, DON'T GET IT.

About a year later I was introduced to the book "The Barbarian Way" and it has totally changed the way that I view my faith. No long am I called to conform to a certain view of Christianity, or in other words, I don't have to be exactly like you or you like me for us to worship and serve the same Holy God. How freeing is that? Anyway part of the book references Matthew 11:12, which speaks of the forceful advance of the Kingdom of God and how only the FORCEFUL will take hold of it. From the moment I read that and saw a corresponding piece of artwork in the book I knew what I wanted for my newest tattoo.

So here it is ......
P.S. Big Shout out to Brady at Body Language in M'boro.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reading Update...

Just for those keeping track I have now finished "Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell and have started another book by Erwin McManus, called "Uprising". So far so good.

As I sit here in my "office" and enjoy the beautiful day (I have my windows and the door open) it is hard for me to concentrate on work and not just sit and daydream. (I guess that is why I am blogging and not working.) I am struck by the way God is working in my life. If you read Alison's blog, then you already know that our small group is split up between the guys and the girls right now. Now, I have to be honest, I was a little nervous about this at first. I questioned if I had enough material to carry the entire time. I wasn't sure I could find enough information to keep the guys engaged at least until the girls got done. Isn't it amazing how God makes us look silly? This past Sunday we had our second week in Men's Fraternity (due to the shortened time frame we are doing several lessons at a time) and I could not believe the great disscussion we had. It was incredible that I once again doubted God and thought about something only in what I could do. We not only had enough to talk about for the entire time as the girls, but we had to stop when they started calling saying they were done. God is awesome. Also, a big shout out to my small group guys for being open and willing to discuss what it means to be a man.

Anyway tommorrow is the big day, I will post pics later this week. Remember Matt. 11:12.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Do I know how to......

So I've spent all week in an estimating sitework construction class in Nashville. I can't believe how much that I have forgotten since I took my last math class, you know before I quit college. All of the formulas and coeffiecents and theories that are because they just are. I really feel bad for the folks still in school (high school or college) that have to do this stuff for more than the week I had to.

So, as I questioned my self on a daily sometimes hourly basis "Do I know how to do this?", I really began to question what do I know how to do. I can't do math very well (I found that out this week), I can't work on my own car, I can't talk politics not that I really want to these days. I am not great at sports, As I complied this list of things I don't know how to do I came to the question "Do I know how to LOVE people?" "Do I know how to LOVE God?"

Now I know I love some people, I KNOW I LOVE my WIFE!!!, I know I love my parents, I know I love the child that Alison and I are going to adopt (even though I don't know who that is yet). But do I love PEOPLE, everyone I meet, everyone you meet, if God created them do I love them? Do I love them the way that God loves me?

God loves me UNCONDITIONALLY!!!! God loves me without me having to do anything!! Even if I chose not to love God, God loves me! How crazy is that. Which brings me to the title of my post, Do I know how to LOVE people the way that God loves them? Unfortuntally the answer most of the time is NO. I struggle. I fight with in my self about how I feel about people. The reason, it is so much easier to not care. It is easy to look the other way when we see people we would rather not.

And if all that were not enough, God not only loves people, he pursues us with His love. That's right God chases us down and know matter where we run and hide, He shows us how much He loves us. A sunrise/sunset, a walk through the woods, the beach (that is for you Alison) and just the fact that He alllows us to wake up each morning.

So the question is Do I know how to love people, and do I pursue them with the love of God.

The answer .......I working on it.

P.S. Go check out the song "Madly in Love with YOU" by Sean McConnell (try his website or iTunes)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hey Guys...

Well its been about a week since my last post (sorry about that).

Anyway, here is an update on what is going on in Bradland lately.

First on all on the health front. I have really been trying to eat better and even trying to add a little exercise in here and there. And for those that care YES I have been taking my meds. At last check my sugar was down to about 175. So I am not quite there yet but we are working on it. Hopefully I can even start losing some weight soon.

The other thing that is happening is I am really trying to read and study more. The goal I have set for my self is to read my bible for at least thirty minutes every morning and another book before bed. So if there are really people out there that read this please feel free to hold me accountable when you see me. (I just finished "The Barbarian Way" for the second time and working on "Velvet Elvis")

Finally, I love small group. I will have to admit after growing up in a small town traditional church all of my life, the thought of leaving a sunday school for a small group made me a little nervous. After a few years and now the oppertunity to lead a group all I can say is WOW. Not only do I love my group but I love hearing the stories about the amazing things that God is doing in small groups throughout the Body of Christ.

That is about all that is happening in my world, There are a few new things on the horzion and I will update as info is confirmed.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

31 and counting

I just wanted to wish my Mom and Dad a happy Anniversary. Congrats I Love You Both!!!!

Happy Birthday Landon.....

It is hard to think that 4 years have gone by so quickly.

we love you buddy!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Struggle, Fight and Clawing.....

That's what I feel like this morning. I just got back from the doctor and the fight must begin. For those who don't know I found out last year that I am a Type 2 diabetic. Well to be 29 and weigh over 300+ it points to a lot of future problems.

So it MUST change. That's the charge of the day there MUST be a change, a change in mindset, a change in attitude, and most of all a change in daily habits.

IF you have an suggestions I am open.

Diet, Exercise, Meds., and Less Stress were the doctors orders.

"Are you ready to RUUUUMMMMBBBLLLEEE!!!!!!! ding"

Monday, February 26, 2007

Back From Camp

Well, it's Monday morning again and I am back from Camp Linden. It was crazy - they have torn down "Eagle," which I guess isn't that bad. We had our worries when we were in camp years ago about the stability of that building. In its place is a nice new conference center with hotel-style rooms and a big lobby hang out area with stone fireplaces and rocking chairs overlooking the river. It was great....I guess... We did not stay there. We stayed in Bluebird (the same cabin I stayed in my last summer at camp).

I thought the meeting time on Saturday was good. We had a chance to just talk about ideas, dreams and passions for how we want to serve God, and what that looks in the real world. What does using my talents and interests for the Kingdom of God look like? For me, as of late, the bigger question is "What is my passion?".

Passion was a word used a lot this weekend, and several shared the passion God has placed in their hearts and expressed a desire to use that for God's glory. As we sat there instructed to "list our passions" if money and time were not obstacles what would we love to do? ? ? ? ? I just sat there staring at a blank page, nothing coming to mind, not even a glimpse of something I might want to do. I have allowed work and responsiblity to overshadow my dreams and calling. I not saying that I think I need to leave my job and go in search of my real "called by God" career, because I think at least for now I am there. I do think it is time to take a new look at what I do outside of work, and evaluate what I put value on.

I going on a hunt for my Passion....I hope it is easier to find then snipe.

Good Hunting......

Friday, February 23, 2007

Back to the Future......

I love these movies, all three of them, Marty and Doc flip and flop back and forth through the space time continuum attempting to make things right and without causing any further disruptions in the way things should be.

Well call me Marty (although I think I would much prefer the nickname Doc), I headed back to the future today. I have been invited on a weekend leadership retreat with my church at Camp Linden. That's right - at the ripe old age of 29 and a half I am going back to the camp where I spent several summers as a youth.

Camp Linden holds a special place in my heart. You see, this was the baptist discipleship training camp held by the TBC every summer. While my home church of FBC Bolivar went to music camp at Camp Carson, I on the other hand took my talentless self with my Grandmother's church to Linden. Linden was great. Most of my cousins and brother usally went, so some summers there were as many Bynum's as some other churches had in their group.

Summer after summer for about 6 or 7 years we would make the drive up to that little valley tucked in by the Buffalo river to learn how to love God more (worship), gather with others to learn about how God works in our lives (small groups), and how we can show God's love to everyone back home (service). And now some 10 to 15 years later I make my way back to camp this afternoon still in search of how to build those same dimensions of my life as an adult.

I'll let you know what I learn, but now stand back because when this baby (my F-150 not a Delorian), hits 88 miles per hour........

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tractors and such....

This is my buddy Landon, he is about to turn 4 on March 6 (that's also my parents anniversary). As you can see he is a big John Deere Fan as am I. Alison and Christy brought Landon out to RMC world headquarters to take a few pics with the ole' JD 20/20 tractor. I really like these. Looking foward to celebrating a great birthday with Landon.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What does that look like?

Let me start out by saying that I love small group. I thank God for the people that He has put in mine and Alison's life, to explore the journey that God has placed us on.

Last night as we closed out our series on Pure Sex we discussed the issue of homosexuality.
The discussion lead itself to "what does it look like to interact with people using Truth and Grace."
Where is our 12 step program that we can put in a pamphlet and teach for two weeks at church and then everybody will know how to handle each situation.

I don't know about anybody else but I struggle with this. I think I am like most people and really good with one, not so great with the other. For me I can handle the truth part. It does not bother me at all to tell someone what I think they need to hear (not always what God is saying but what I think they need to hear). I have more trouble with the grace part. I have trouble with that in every aspect of my relationships to others. I have trouble showing the grace of Christ.

So how do we get the package deal, the ability to show compassion to the people who need it most and the conviction to share the truth with those who need it most, because most of the time they are one in the same. Not to use the "sunday school" answer, but Jesus. Jesus is the answer for the world today, above him there's no other, Jesus is the way! Sorry for the cheesy youth group song but it is true. How do we learn to love and interact with the people who need Christ the most? We look at the way he did it. Jesus was considered a drunkard. He ate with tax collectors and showed love and compassion for prostitutes. How radical is that?

We tend to think that spending a few hours a month in a questionable part of town is really getting down and dirty for the Lord. I am in no way talking bad of any of our ministries. All work done for God will return a harvest. But are we surrounding ourselves with people who need what we claim to have as an answer to all thier problems.

It's like we have the anti-venom for the most deadly snakes in the world, and we store it in the petting zoo.

fight the good fight

Monday, February 19, 2007

Can I post a pic?

As I am new to the blog world I am trying to figure out how this whole process works. So this afternoon I decided to see if I could post a pic. As you can see it worked.

This picture begs the question of why Alison insists that I cannot buy a pistol.

I love this picture of Alison.

Love you baby!!

Here We Go!

Well I have resisted getting into this whole blog world but I as I looked around at who all has a blog I figured I could have just as much to say about the world and life as any of them. So with that said here we go.

You may wonder why I have titled my blog "building from the ground up," but that seems to be a current theme of life these days. Work deals with building, working on building my marriage, Alison and I building our family through adoption and building my faith through worship, small group and service.

So, let see how firm a foundation we can be.

Fight the Good Fight...