Monday, February 26, 2007

Back From Camp

Well, it's Monday morning again and I am back from Camp Linden. It was crazy - they have torn down "Eagle," which I guess isn't that bad. We had our worries when we were in camp years ago about the stability of that building. In its place is a nice new conference center with hotel-style rooms and a big lobby hang out area with stone fireplaces and rocking chairs overlooking the river. It was great....I guess... We did not stay there. We stayed in Bluebird (the same cabin I stayed in my last summer at camp).

I thought the meeting time on Saturday was good. We had a chance to just talk about ideas, dreams and passions for how we want to serve God, and what that looks in the real world. What does using my talents and interests for the Kingdom of God look like? For me, as of late, the bigger question is "What is my passion?".

Passion was a word used a lot this weekend, and several shared the passion God has placed in their hearts and expressed a desire to use that for God's glory. As we sat there instructed to "list our passions" if money and time were not obstacles what would we love to do? ? ? ? ? I just sat there staring at a blank page, nothing coming to mind, not even a glimpse of something I might want to do. I have allowed work and responsiblity to overshadow my dreams and calling. I not saying that I think I need to leave my job and go in search of my real "called by God" career, because I think at least for now I am there. I do think it is time to take a new look at what I do outside of work, and evaluate what I put value on.

I going on a hunt for my Passion....I hope it is easier to find then snipe.

Good Hunting......


Alison Bynum said...

You mean you have never caught snipe? You should let ME take you snipe hunting... ;)

You are very passionate about many things. I can't wait to see where God leads you in your search.

jason.stewart said...

Bradley B is bloggin'. Excited to read your blog and I am adding your blog to my bloglines feeds as we speak.

About your post, I know you are a man of passion and conviction, and I am blessed to serve alongside of you at our church and blessed to call you a friend. I am excited to see what you uncover in the days ahead as you narrow down on your passion.