Wednesday, April 18, 2007

just a few thoughts...

Whew, This has been a crazy few days. New York, sickness, hospitals, and "broken faces" have all been issues to deal with over the past week (only the New York refers to myself, all others family and friends) around the Bynum household. As I have been caught in the crazy, spinning that goes on inside my mind these days I was struck this morning with a realization. Am I making an attempt to worship Jesus with everything I do or is it just busyness?

I have a full week every week, even the nights I "have nothing to do" it seems it is already 8:30 or 9:00pm before I begin to slow down. I have been podcasting some different preachers from around the country and one sermon I listened to this morning challenged me to make everything I do Worship of Jesus. Everything I (we) dos is already worship of something, TV, hobbies, work, etc.. Why do we continually offer our worship to something/someone other than Jesus.

Thought #2: I have begun to process the thoughts of the trip to New York, I have come to a couple of conclusions;

1. New York is a ripe field ready for harvest. We had the opportunity to meet some wonderful followers of Christ, who are preparing the soil and planting the seeds on a daily basis. There is such an opportunity for every Christian to use the gifts and talents they have been giving in such a diverse environment. In other words no matter what you passion is there is a way to use it in New York. An example of this is when we took a train to "China Town" on Sat. afternoon for lunch, when we stepped off the train we could have just as easily been in Beijing. All the people, all the billboards, newspapers, store, all the everything was Chinese. Immediately my mind thought of the families who have adopted from China and had there life changed by God adding to their families. What a cool place to do a mission trip, not only could these families see another glimpse of what the culture their child is from looks like, but also have the opportunity to so that same culture how to meet Jesus and change their eternal future.

2. I was amazed at the love these pastors showed for their "neighborhood". I use the term neighborhood only because it is the word they used but we are talking about areas bigger than Smyrna. This was a huge area with thousands and thousands of people but these men saw it as their community. Why do we(I) have so much trouble with the thought of reaching our neighborhoods? By New York Standards everyone in Northern Rutherford County is in my neighborhood.

Long and rambling, I know.

P.S. Alison I might consider going back to New York. if it is for the purpose of Jesus.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Billy Joel Sang......

I have always kinda liked the Billy Joel song "New York State of Mind" although I never thought I would go to New York. To be completely honest I don't like cities or large crowds of people so since that pretty much describes New York you can see my hesitation to go.

Well, I spent Friday night and all day Saturday in Brooklyn, go figure. I was given the opportunity through FBC Smyrna to go and check out some mission projects opportunities. It was a very rushed trip, no time for sight seeing or anything like that but it was all business.

We arrived at JFK 2hrs late (after an hour delay while still in Nashville and a "traffic jam" in the air causing some circles) and caught what seemed to be the last trains of the night. We rode the "Air Train", the "Long Island Rail Road", then a subway train and ended the night with a few blocks of walking, to finally settle in at the missions center about 1am. A few hours of sleep later we woke up had a little breakfast and off we were.

The first stop of the day dropped Eddie, Pete and David off to meet with a pastor of a church in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, who runs a baseball program for the kids in his church from ages 8-18. We attended the opening day festivities for the 68th prec. Youth Assoc. league complete with a parade featuring the police bag pipe core (I guess they are a core or maybe band, I'm not sure) and all the teams of the league marching in their uniforms. After the ceremonies we left the guys to see the church and help run practice for the 15-16 year old team, and talk with the pastor about a project our church could help with.

After getting the guys dropped off Tim, Rodney and myself caught a train back to the missions center to meet with a pastor, who has a Chinese church in the "Chinatown" part of Brooklyn. We met with the pastor and three young ladies who attend his church and have a small praise band. After meeting at the missions center for a little while the pastor took us to Chinatown for lunch. I won't describe everything we ate because some of you may have weak stomachs, but lets just say there were chicken feet and cow stomach lining made up a couple of the dishes YUM! After "lunch" we caught the train back to the mission center to meet up with the baseball crew.

By the time we all got back, Eddie and I grabbed our stuff and caught the series of trains back to JFK. I arrived home about 12:30am.

Good Stuff. As I process the things I saw and heard I will post again my feelings about New York and our opportunities there.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter tired...

Is anyone else worn out from the Easter weekend. Alison and I had so much going on this weekend it seemed and as for me I am tired. Sat. Morning we joined several other pepole from our neighborhood and hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for all the little ones. Those kids moved so fast I never could get a accurate gauge on the numbers but I know there were about 1500 eggs when the hunt started and about 10mins later they were gone. Alison and I don't have any kids, so I can only guess about 30 mins later there were some major sugar highs.

After that Alison's brother and mother came over and we went out to lunch at Red Robin in the boro.(big shout out for the cheeseburger with the fried egg on top). After lunch we came back to the house for some wii bowling and such.

That night we went to the Sat. night service, and then out to dinner with the Emerys and Bullens at Razz.

Sunday morning came and I was up with the sun, even no I had no intentions of attending any sort of sunrise service. We were at Church by about 8:30 and helping the MPC venue for worship, after church we went to Alison's moms house for lunch and then on to Alison grand parents house for some egg hunting (the guys won).

Finally we went to dinner with Jason and Shai at Hickory Falls.

Hopefully a rest is coming some time this week.

I hope your Easter was wonderful.


Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday...

You know when you really look back on what Jesus had to go through it seems a little odd to call this "Good Friday". The pain, the agony, the humiliation, all this is good? The horror of the cross only becomes good when we look at it in light of what Jesus accomplished. Payment in full for OUR disobedience to God. Restore the Glory of the Father. It is only in the outcome of the cross that we can look back and call it "good".

As each of us spend the next few days processing the cross, let us not forget the reason it was good is because of The God of Creation was the one one on the cross.

Thank You Jesus for dying for me, so that I might live for you.


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Pictures

This past Sunday was my Grandmothers birthday. Alison and I were unable to go to West TN to see her but all her kids did get a chance to come by and my cousin Gary sent me a couple of great shots.

This is my Grandmother, Aunt Cora, Uncle Billy, my Dad, Uncle Mike, and Uncle Bobby.

I thought this was a great shot of my dad. He is awesome!!!

Happy Birthday Grandmother and I hope to see you all soon.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

All things......

I have taken a couple of days to process what Pat preached about last Sunday. I come from a very "tradtional" SB Church in west TN, and for me getting to the point I am has been a journey. I love FBCSmyrna, and any growth in my relationship with Christ can be directly traced by to a service, a song, a converstation in the hall, or just listening to the people around me. As I have progressed along the road I have often wondered how the church is called to engage the people in the communities in which we live. FBC's ability to look past the nonimportant aspects of "church life" ex. dress, music, etc... and focus in on the life changing message "Good News" of the fact that God Himself stepped to this world and paid the price for humanities disobediance of God, that each one of us could be adopted into His family to live forever with Him. Our focus should be, as Pat explained so well,

" win as many as possible."