Tuesday, April 3, 2007

All things......

I have taken a couple of days to process what Pat preached about last Sunday. I come from a very "tradtional" SB Church in west TN, and for me getting to the point I am has been a journey. I love FBCSmyrna, and any growth in my relationship with Christ can be directly traced by to a service, a song, a converstation in the hall, or just listening to the people around me. As I have progressed along the road I have often wondered how the church is called to engage the people in the communities in which we live. FBC's ability to look past the nonimportant aspects of "church life" ex. dress, music, etc... and focus in on the life changing message "Good News" of the fact that God Himself stepped to this world and paid the price for humanities disobediance of God, that each one of us could be adopted into His family to live forever with Him. Our focus should be, as Pat explained so well,

"....to win as many as possible."

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