Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter tired...

Is anyone else worn out from the Easter weekend. Alison and I had so much going on this weekend it seemed and as for me I am tired. Sat. Morning we joined several other pepole from our neighborhood and hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for all the little ones. Those kids moved so fast I never could get a accurate gauge on the numbers but I know there were about 1500 eggs when the hunt started and about 10mins later they were gone. Alison and I don't have any kids, so I can only guess about 30 mins later there were some major sugar highs.

After that Alison's brother and mother came over and we went out to lunch at Red Robin in the boro.(big shout out for the cheeseburger with the fried egg on top). After lunch we came back to the house for some wii bowling and such.

That night we went to the Sat. night service, and then out to dinner with the Emerys and Bullens at Razz.

Sunday morning came and I was up with the sun, even no I had no intentions of attending any sort of sunrise service. We were at Church by about 8:30 and helping the MPC venue for worship, after church we went to Alison's moms house for lunch and then on to Alison grand parents house for some egg hunting (the guys won).

Finally we went to dinner with Jason and Shai at Hickory Falls.

Hopefully a rest is coming some time this week.

I hope your Easter was wonderful.


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