Wednesday, April 18, 2007

just a few thoughts...

Whew, This has been a crazy few days. New York, sickness, hospitals, and "broken faces" have all been issues to deal with over the past week (only the New York refers to myself, all others family and friends) around the Bynum household. As I have been caught in the crazy, spinning that goes on inside my mind these days I was struck this morning with a realization. Am I making an attempt to worship Jesus with everything I do or is it just busyness?

I have a full week every week, even the nights I "have nothing to do" it seems it is already 8:30 or 9:00pm before I begin to slow down. I have been podcasting some different preachers from around the country and one sermon I listened to this morning challenged me to make everything I do Worship of Jesus. Everything I (we) dos is already worship of something, TV, hobbies, work, etc.. Why do we continually offer our worship to something/someone other than Jesus.

Thought #2: I have begun to process the thoughts of the trip to New York, I have come to a couple of conclusions;

1. New York is a ripe field ready for harvest. We had the opportunity to meet some wonderful followers of Christ, who are preparing the soil and planting the seeds on a daily basis. There is such an opportunity for every Christian to use the gifts and talents they have been giving in such a diverse environment. In other words no matter what you passion is there is a way to use it in New York. An example of this is when we took a train to "China Town" on Sat. afternoon for lunch, when we stepped off the train we could have just as easily been in Beijing. All the people, all the billboards, newspapers, store, all the everything was Chinese. Immediately my mind thought of the families who have adopted from China and had there life changed by God adding to their families. What a cool place to do a mission trip, not only could these families see another glimpse of what the culture their child is from looks like, but also have the opportunity to so that same culture how to meet Jesus and change their eternal future.

2. I was amazed at the love these pastors showed for their "neighborhood". I use the term neighborhood only because it is the word they used but we are talking about areas bigger than Smyrna. This was a huge area with thousands and thousands of people but these men saw it as their community. Why do we(I) have so much trouble with the thought of reaching our neighborhoods? By New York Standards everyone in Northern Rutherford County is in my neighborhood.

Long and rambling, I know.

P.S. Alison I might consider going back to New York. if it is for the purpose of Jesus.


lauraknight said...

I've enjoyed reading your reflections about NYC. Glad you had the opportunity to go.

Rodney said the Chinese lunch was "interesting" and he ate just enough to be polite. :)

It's a Mom Thing said...

hey brad...
just checking up on your blog. i know this is old news by now, but i was wondering what church folks you met in nyc. we have a friend that is a pastor at The Journey. are you familiar with that?