Friday, May 11, 2007

The Love of My Life!!!!

5 years ago today I had the privilege of marrying the absolute love of my life, Alison.

Alison thanks for 5 great years and I look forward to a lifetime more.
I am SO Proud of you and I Love you very much.

Praise God for the Gift of Marriage and the WONDERFUL woman He allowed me to be with.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Trowel and the Sword....

I have begun listening to a pastor from Seattle via podcast, and I really like it.

First of all let me sidebar a moment and let you know how wonderful the whole podcast world is. If you are like I am and are blessed like I am and attend a wonderful church, where the pastor brings it every week, then you know what it is like to hear the Word of God spoken to a culture in crisis and in need of Jesus. It is amazing that a word can get all up in your stuff and at the same time make you walk away saying "I needed to hear that". And if you are blessed like I am then you get that pretty much every week.

All that to say I have discovered the world of podcasting preachers. Guys all around the country who put the Word of God out on Al Gore's internet for all the world to soak up. There is some truly amazing stuff out there and I have enjoyed getting to here some of it. My job affords me the oppertunity to drive alot and pick up plans or visit job site, etc... Which becomes church time. Thank God for people who have made technology simple enough for a public school guy like me to use it.

Anyway after all that nonsense I have been listening to a series on Neimiah. Today I listened to the sermon about Chapter 4. I have always heard verses from this chapter about "eachone to his own work" and been told I have have a job for God that was created for me, and believe me that excites me, but today I heard more.

This pastor spoke about how God has given us two things to do 1.Build something (trowel) and the protect it (Sword). Now for the 2 people who read this you know I like to consider myself and "Manly Man" and I am really into defense. The Unit is my favorite TV show on right now (we can talk more about that in another post) and it is all about a group of hardcore guys protecting the country and each other, I LOVE IT! Back to the point "The Trowel and The Sword" is the name of a news paper started by Charles Spurgen. Our lives are about building and protecting.

So after a long ramble what is my point? What are you building and how are you defending it? Mine are....
1. Relationship with God
2. My Marriage (I Love You Alison)
3. Getting ready for a family
4. Community both work and church.

Build as an expert builder and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Long Time No Blog...

Well I don't guess I can say anything about people who start blogs and then never write new post.

Recap of the Last few weeks,

Lots of Work, that is about all there is to know.

On a different note I have begun listening to a new sermon series. It promises to be interesting.

The openning sermon made the claim that the progress of Christinaity as a whole moves from rural to urban.
The movment of the Bible from the Garden in the begining to Christ bringing back the "New Jeruslem" (a city) in His return.
As one who has alway prefered the country to the city, does this mean I will have to change my mindset in order to see the world through the eyes of Jesus?

I guess as I listen more I will find out.