Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I finally got drunk enough to break dance.

Not really but I did turn 30 last Friday and so far my early 30's aren't that much different from my late 20's.

I still have to get up and go to work (for about 38 more years), I am still overweight, and I still owe lots of people lots of money.

So, with the glory days of my youth behind me and a lifetime of work and taxpaying ahead, I stop and ponder what can be good about 30. Here's what I come up with.

1. I am a father now, technically that happened while I was 29 but the majority of the work to be done as a parent still lies ahead. And just to clear up a very important issue yes I have a daughter and yes I have a gun. Boys Beware!!!!

2. My wife still loves me. This is an important one because the next major birthday could spark one of those mid life crisis and I might run out and buy a convertible or something and then miss my truck and want to trade again. Luckily that sort of happened around 30 and I did not get a divorce. So in summary even though I am probably not the man that my wife married, at least she loves the man I have become.

3. Work, lets be real, no one likes to work, sure you may like what you do, and if your lucky you even like who you do it for. But no one likes to work. I really enjoy what I do and have a great work environment, but if I did not have to pay a lot of bills, I would not be working.

4. Church, just because church has ended up at number 4 on this ever growing list of rambling, do not take that as some sort of ranking system, just typing as it comes. On to the point, As I have become an adult and matured my view of not only by personal faith, but a corporate faith with my local body of believers, aka, THE CHURCH, I have a much better understanding of my role as a church member, and I have enjoyed getting to know the church staff as friends and staff vs. just that's my pastor.

So now that a vast amount of possible productive time for my employer has been wasted as I emptied my brain, let me close with this......



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Alison Bynum said...

you're pretty hot, for 30.