Monday, October 15, 2007

God Kicks My Butt

So we have started a new series at Church about Joe. check out the church website for more info about the series and times for service, maybe even podcast the ones you have missed.

Anyway the overriding theme has been to realize that nothing happens by accident and that God's providence rules the universe and everything in it. So much happens in our lives that we pass off as an accident or happen stance and that is such a load of crap.

Everything in our lives happens in accordance with God's will. And I will be honest sometimes that sucks to here. When the dark and stormy days of our lives come and the worst possible things that could happen shows up for breakfast, it is hard to think past the doom and gloom to see that God is working this event for his Glory.

I wish that being a Christ follower was as easy as it is made out to be by those guys on TV. you know "if you trust Jesus its steak dinners and football season year round (that's my personal view of heaven). Or if the unthinkable happens and you have a bad day a "love gift" of 25 to 50 dollars and you be sent a tear stained "prayer cloth" to ease you suffering. If these things speak to you I have a holy yellow lab that for the Believer's discount of $15.99 you can pet your sadness away.

Following the way of God has to be about faithfulness and trust. The trust that God will do and be what He says, and the faith to stick behind it.
And pushing my self to do that is hard, and when I notice I have not been living up to my part of the bargain God gives me a swift kick in the butt.


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Alison Bynum said...

does this mean i can kick your butt too sometime?