Thursday, November 8, 2007

Quick Update.

OK, so my plan to blog more often has not come to pass.

But here is a quick update as to what is happening in the world of all things Brad.

1. Church - things are good. Every week I think I love our church more and hope things continue. Alison and I are discussing if with all that is happening if we are going to lead a new small group at the first of the year or just join one. I am super excited about the new groups that I am picking up as a coach and look forward to walking with those leaders. Last thing - Pat Hood Rocks! Every sermon and series gets better and better. Way to bring your A game Pat.

2. Work - Things in the world of Dirt are good. RMC just signed a contract for the largest job in our company history. YEAH! We all keep working for a few more months. Things are changing rapidly with the growth of RMC. The more tasks that are passed to new personnel the less time I seem to have, I am transitioning from splitting time between project management and estimating to just working in the estimating. It is fun but very stressful.

3.Adoption - The end is in sight. Alison and I have officially hired an attorney and filed a petition to become Norah's legal parents. We have just a few more hurdles and we have to wait until after 12-26-07 to go to court. We are close.

I think that is all, things coming up are...
1. My buddy Phil from high school is coming to stay for a few days as he looking for job and apartment in order to move back from L.A.
2. I am officially becoming the Business Manager for Bynum Photography, so as Alison slows down a little during the winter we will be looking through the books and the other aspects of BP.