Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What else can I say......

I will update on everything else soon I promise.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We need $12,000 in 48 hours...

We need $12,000 in 48 hours...

because Norah is going to be a big sister!

And her birthmother has just asked us to adopt the baby – Norah’s full biological sibling.

And he or she could be born any day.

We want to come up with a clever fundraiser, but to be honest, we don’t have time for that. We are cramming the adoption application process (that took us 8 months when we adopted Norah) into the next week. Babies don’t wait for paperwork, background checks or physicals. They come in God’s timing.

We are completely overwhelmed by the task at hand, but we know that God would not give us this opportunity to trust Him and open our hearts and home to this child if He did not intend to provide a means for us to do it.

We are praying for a miracle – that you who feel led to do so would pray and give however you can. You can click here to go to our secure donation page that is connected to our Adoption Savings Account. We believe that with your help, when we need to write “the BIG CHECK” in a few days, that there will be enough in there for us to do so. If you’d prefer to mail us a check, you can email Alison and she'll send you our mailing address.

If you feel compelled, we would love for you to help us spread the word on your blogs, websites, facebook, emails to friends and family. Link back to this post as much as you’d like, and we’ll keep you updated over the next couple of days.

As you discuss this on blogs and among friends, please be as respectful of Norah’s birthmother as you possibly can be. We are choosing to walk in love and compassion instead of judgment and entitlement. If the choice to place this baby with us is her final decision, we will be blessed to now raise two of her precious children as our own. If she decides that she would like to parent the baby herself, we will be pleased to have been given the opportunity to care for Norah’s brother or sister for a few days or weeks and minister to Norah’s birthmother in a way that only we can.

As always, we need you to pray. Pray that God would be glorified through this whole experience. Pray that Norah’s birthmother would experience compassion and love by those around her during this time. Pray for the health of this new little life.

And pray for our sweet baby Norah – because she’s GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER in just a few days. WOW!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's been a while......

Ok so I've been absent for a few weeks, I'm sorry.

I promise I will try to pick it up a post a little more often.

I felt the need to post because of something I was struck with on the way to work this morning. As I was listening to ESPN radio there was a sound bite of the Colin Cowherd show. In this segment Colin was discussing the role of tradition in college football and how past tradition can drive schools economically eve if their current performance is below the accepted standard. The quote that got me is "when you own a persons heart you own the person." WOW, how true is that whether it is the college football team you live and die with or the job that drives you to climb the corporate ladder. God wants to own our hearts, He has bought and paid for them through His Son. When God owns our hearts He owns the person, and that is when true joy, and life start.

What owns your heart today?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st Ice Cream Sandwich

Let me start by saying this video is long (but fun).

Last night after dinner we decided to let NLB have a mini Purity ice cream sandwich. By now most of you have seen the pics on Alison's blog.

Here is daddy's view of the event.

Enjoy (it's long)

Ice Cream Sandwich from Brad Bynum on Vimeo.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun Times on a Saturday

Saturday started off with a little piece mill family breakfast, NLB ate some pancakes and AKB & I had some breakfast from Hardee's. (random I know)

Then we all left the house to run a few errands, Alison needed a gift for ME's birthday and I needed to use a gift card i had received for my birthday.

After the shopping trip we returned home, Alison got ready to go to work a short wedding, NLB and I grabbed a little lunch and while she napped I enjoyed the first Saturday of college football.

When Alison got home we loaded up and traveled to Hendersonville for ME's birthday party. After the party we realized that we needed dinner to avoid a meltdown we should grab some dinner before we made the drive back to Smyrna.

The choice we made - Zaxby's - Alison used the opportunity to teach NLB a valuable life lesson "the ranch dip"

How to feed a 1 year old at Zaxby's

Dinner at Zaxby's from Brad Bynum on Vimeo.

Friday, August 29, 2008

MTSU lays another egg!!

I cannot begin to express my frustration with MTSU Football.. They plead and beg for people to get excited and forget about that team from the East that wears community service jumpsuit for uniforms, and oh show up for games. So every year we get the big push, Be Loud Be Proud Be Blue, All In, and the like, what happens? There is a much anticipated Thursday night game a good crowd shows up and...............They Lose!

So for another year, the attendance will now drop and we will have a couple more months of pretty much meaningless football.

Enough complaining, even with all the disappointment The Bynums had a good time.
NLB seem to enjoy see below.

MTSU vs Troy 2008 from Brad Bynum on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birthday Gift = Video Fun

So for my birthday I got a Flip video cam.

Here is my first attempt a editing my own video. for all you tech guys out there please keep criticism to a minimum.

Presenting NLB in "So Fresh, So Clean"

NLB So Fresh and So Clean from Brad Bynum on Vimeo.

(edited to higher quality video on 8-29-08)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This might sway my Vote

Happy Birthday Alison!!

I just wanted to wish a happy birthday to the best wife and mother I know.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

West Africa Photos - Winding Down

These are the last of my West Africa photos. I will probably do a few more posts of my favorite pictures from my team members. The girls got to be with the children more - and let's be honest - the faces on those kids are what you really want to see more of, right? Anyway, these are the rest of mine...

Here I am being measured by a tailor for a custom fitted shirt. They didn't have too many choices in my size in the marketplace.

A road construction crew for my friends at work

Check out the size of the load on top of that car.

This one's for you, Pat. Air France will likely receive a post of their own.

This one's for my little sister-in-law, Reagan. A big hippo playing soccer...only in Africa.

West Africa Photos - Sharing

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Look

Trying some different looks for Brad's blog over the next few days. If you're viewing in Bloglines or Google Reader be sure to click on the post title to see the actual blog. Let me know what you think. I am digging this one for now.

We also need your suggestions on a clever title.

Get those creative juices flowing.


Alison (also God's friend)

West Africa Photos - Faces

These photos are from our visits to a couple villages on Wednesday.

I need help!

So last night Alison declares that "I am over the superman logo on your blog". To which I explained that it was the best I could do. That was not good enough and now I need to redesign the layout. That is where the help comes in, if any of you or talented in such areas can you help a brother out. New look, new name everything I am so graphically challenged it is really sad.

Please help!!

p.s. there are some of you that get paid to do this sort of thing, I can't pay you, consider it a service project for Jesus, He is my friend!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

West Africa Photos - Village Visits

After the day of hanging with our translators we spent the next several days traveling back and forth to villiages to meet new people and greet them.

This was the most amazing time I can remember. It is just like what you see on tv. We arrived at a village and asked to see the chief. He would send for the village elders and wise men and we would gather, usually in front of his hut or under a shady spot and begin to share stories. We would share, they would share, then we would share again. It was incredible.

At each stop we gave the village a new soccer ball. You would have thought we brought buckets of gold. While we were leaving one of the villiages Antoine and I heard some kids talking and laughing as they walked behind us. I asked what they were saying, and he told me they were talking about how their older brothers were out working in the fields but how excited they would be to come home and see the soccer ball we had brought.

These are faces that I will never forget and long to see again and I pray for daily. I ask you to pray for them and consider going and meeting them for yourself.