Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The YMCA, Toliet Seat Covers & Salvation

Ok I know it kind of a strange title to a blog post but hopefully I can make it all make sense.

For anyone who may not know I am in the process of ummmm.. Well we can all agree that I will never be skinny so lets just say I am trying to become less fat. For me this is involving waking up at 4:30am. Yes there is a 4:30am and dragging my big self down the the local Y. See there is my first tie to the title. Anyway as my body has begun to adjust to this new routine some of my morning rituals have had to shift. The biggest being my morning conversation with "John". "John" and I now have a sit down most mornings at the Y instead of at the house. So during my time with him the other morning I noticed the toliet seat cover dispenser (reference #2,no pun intended). Across this metal haven for germ haters everywhere were inscribed the words "REST ASSURED".

There it is all you need to "Rest Assured" is a extremely thin piece of tissue paper to sit on while you do your busniess.

Which brings me to reference #3, Salvation as we (FBC Smyrna) our studying John 3:16 the core verse of the bible the thought of Rest Assured sparked a new line of thiniking bout this one verse. How we respone to this one verse determines our place in eternity. One verse, One Decision, dictates the rest of time. I am going to type some thing fairly high on the cheesey level but I am blogging my thoughts fromt the other day, so leave me alone, but I am glad that my ablitiy to "Rest Assured" depends less on some thin tissue paper and completely on the Living God.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Becoming a Man?

Why does it seem that for our young men it is becoming harder and harder to become REAL men? Now I'm not old by any count I am just beginning my 30's but as I look back at what I went through as a teenager and what teenagers today are dealing I don't know how they do it some times. One of the most glaring problems I see is who they look up to, the role models (if Charles Barkley wants to admit it or not) in their lives are not projecting the right picture of what it means to be a Man. Shame on us!

A couple of weeks ago during our scared gathering Jeff lead us in a prayer time for our young people, and then Pat posted about it on his blog (www.pathood.org). And now it has it home for me.

Yesterday, I was approached by a mother whose children went to the boys and girls club were I use to work. She to me that she and her oldest son had been having some problems and see just not know what to do next. I had the opportunity to take this young man in to a side room and talk for a few minutes and while we were talking it hit me. Who is teaching him how to be not just a man but a Godly Man.

It is the responsibility of every man who claims to be a follower of Christ to invest our lives in the young men around us, whether our sons our not. This is our responsibility and calling from God. This does not mean every man should work in the youth dept.(sorry Chris), but it means we as men should live our lives in such a way that we model Christ for the next Generation. I pray that when my daughter is old enough to be interested in some knuckle-head that someone has invested in him so that he knows how to treat her.

We are always role models for someone! Which path are you shining your light down.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What is first?

As just about anyone that stumbles across this little corner of Al Gore's creation known as the world wide web knows Our church is in the process of having a Sacred Gathering. If you are like me I really did not know what in the world a "Sacred Gathering" was, I did not know the secret handshake or the super secert password to get in. The only thing I knew is that this had happened once before and I missed it (horrible case of poision ivy, with some sort of fungus growing on it) any I was scared to participate because I did not know what God had planned. But Alison and I are fasting and praying, searching for what God has next for us and our family.

The first night on Sunday the leader for the gathering made a statement that I can not get out of my head. He basicly said God does not set a priortiy list like so many of us try to do. God, Family, and Country is not how God wants us to live our lives. God wants ALL OF US. ALL OF ME!!! Then as we live for God we begin to see that we need God to love our family through us. WOW. Its not about the way I view the things that are important in my life, It becomes focused on God and allow Him to arrange the focus on other things.

What is first in your life? In Mine?