Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The YMCA, Toliet Seat Covers & Salvation

Ok I know it kind of a strange title to a blog post but hopefully I can make it all make sense.

For anyone who may not know I am in the process of ummmm.. Well we can all agree that I will never be skinny so lets just say I am trying to become less fat. For me this is involving waking up at 4:30am. Yes there is a 4:30am and dragging my big self down the the local Y. See there is my first tie to the title. Anyway as my body has begun to adjust to this new routine some of my morning rituals have had to shift. The biggest being my morning conversation with "John". "John" and I now have a sit down most mornings at the Y instead of at the house. So during my time with him the other morning I noticed the toliet seat cover dispenser (reference #2,no pun intended). Across this metal haven for germ haters everywhere were inscribed the words "REST ASSURED".

There it is all you need to "Rest Assured" is a extremely thin piece of tissue paper to sit on while you do your busniess.

Which brings me to reference #3, Salvation as we (FBC Smyrna) our studying John 3:16 the core verse of the bible the thought of Rest Assured sparked a new line of thiniking bout this one verse. How we respone to this one verse determines our place in eternity. One verse, One Decision, dictates the rest of time. I am going to type some thing fairly high on the cheesey level but I am blogging my thoughts fromt the other day, so leave me alone, but I am glad that my ablitiy to "Rest Assured" depends less on some thin tissue paper and completely on the Living God.

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David & Jennifer said...

Interesting post Brad.....we got a kick out of this! By the way this is Jenn and David...we met you guys at playgroup the other night! :)