Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rocking Chair Reflections

Things are wild in the world of Bynum. I'm preparing for a trip to africa, Alison and Norah are preparing for a beach run with Grannie and Uncle Kyle, so needless to say there has been a lot of busy preperations going on. Work is super busy and for me there are several deadlines that I am attempting to met early so that I can be gone, as well as throw in a few planning meetings for the small group staff and ta..da, No time.

Enough of my whinning the reason for this post is to share so revalations I have had recently, now none of this is ground breaking or really even a new thought but it is where I am right now.

Last night I sat in Norah's room rocking her as she screamed (she is teething..AGAIN) and God spoke. As much as my heart was breaking for Norah, and I much as I wanted to fix it..I couldn't I don't have what it takes, all I can do is be there hold her and comfort her. That is when God spoke up and reminded me how much His Heart breaks to see us in pain, pain that unlike Norah not feeling well, this pain we caused by our sin. Yet even with OUR SIN being the reason for OUR PAIN, God still longs to comfort us, to hold us and reassure us. The great part of that is God does have what it takes to fix it. He has already done it, our sin is forgivin and we are adopted as His children and He is our Father.

That brought me to tears last night. I have a Heavenly Father who longs to Heal, Comfort, and Restore me. (AND YOU).

I challenge you and myself to take time when we hurt to turn to God and accept His comfort and Love.


Anonymous said...
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Alison B. said...

love you honey