Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

West Africa Photos - Winding Down

These are the last of my West Africa photos. I will probably do a few more posts of my favorite pictures from my team members. The girls got to be with the children more - and let's be honest - the faces on those kids are what you really want to see more of, right? Anyway, these are the rest of mine...

Here I am being measured by a tailor for a custom fitted shirt. They didn't have too many choices in my size in the marketplace.

A road construction crew for my friends at work

Check out the size of the load on top of that car.

This one's for you, Pat. Air France will likely receive a post of their own.

This one's for my little sister-in-law, Reagan. A big hippo playing soccer...only in Africa.

West Africa Photos - Sharing

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Look

Trying some different looks for Brad's blog over the next few days. If you're viewing in Bloglines or Google Reader be sure to click on the post title to see the actual blog. Let me know what you think. I am digging this one for now.

We also need your suggestions on a clever title.

Get those creative juices flowing.


Alison (also God's friend)

West Africa Photos - Faces

These photos are from our visits to a couple villages on Wednesday.

I need help!

So last night Alison declares that "I am over the superman logo on your blog". To which I explained that it was the best I could do. That was not good enough and now I need to redesign the layout. That is where the help comes in, if any of you or talented in such areas can you help a brother out. New look, new name everything I am so graphically challenged it is really sad.

Please help!!

p.s. there are some of you that get paid to do this sort of thing, I can't pay you, consider it a service project for Jesus, He is my friend!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

West Africa Photos - Village Visits

After the day of hanging with our translators we spent the next several days traveling back and forth to villiages to meet new people and greet them.

This was the most amazing time I can remember. It is just like what you see on tv. We arrived at a village and asked to see the chief. He would send for the village elders and wise men and we would gather, usually in front of his hut or under a shady spot and begin to share stories. We would share, they would share, then we would share again. It was incredible.

At each stop we gave the village a new soccer ball. You would have thought we brought buckets of gold. While we were leaving one of the villiages Antoine and I heard some kids talking and laughing as they walked behind us. I asked what they were saying, and he told me they were talking about how their older brothers were out working in the fields but how excited they would be to come home and see the soccer ball we had brought.

These are faces that I will never forget and long to see again and I pray for daily. I ask you to pray for them and consider going and meeting them for yourself.