Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm a Super Genius!

At least that is what the cashier at Wal-Mart told me the day I left for Africa.

-About Africa: those posts are coming just hold on.

So the day I left Alison and I were finishing up the packing list, making sure that I would have plenty of undies and socks and such for the 10 (turned into 11) day trip. About two hours before I needed to leave the house the decision was made that it would be easier to just go buy a pack of socks rather than hunt down what I needed and get it washed and dry. So off I go to the super center to buy socks. Surely that wouldn't take too long right? I go in, pick up my value-sized bag of foot coverings and head to the check out. I thought ahead, you see, and parked at the Home & Garden door (only 2 spots from the front) and knew there would be less people checking out that way. Well I was right, almost.

There was a man in the front of the line trying to buy a weed eater with a gift card, and guess what? "I'm sorry sir I don't know how to redeem a gift card. I will have to call the manager!" Now at this point I thought about leaving, but I figured by the time I walked from the garden dept to the front and got in another line the manager would have already fixed the problem, so I waited.

The next man in line only had 2 cans of spray paint, and CASH!!! He moved along quickly and then it was time for the lady in front of me. She seemed like a nice grandmother, with her two granddaughters with her. She was buying some plants and such, a couple of treats for the kids, and a box of donuts. Everything was moving along fine until we made it to the donuts.

I worked in a grocery store in high school and I know it is a pain when something does not have a price on it, and you have to go to the cheat sheet. The cheat sheet is that big card with pictures of all the fruits and veggies on it and we revert back to PreK and play the matching game. So our friendly cashier grabs his brightly colored laminated card and begins to play the game, 1-2-3-4 minutes go by and "I'm sorry no matches." He apologizes to the lady and she declares, "Well I want them so how much are they?" Now she takes her turn at the match game with the same results, NO MATCH! We are now about to call the manager again, and I have had enough. I grab the card point to the bottom of the front at the words clearly marked "ASSORTED PASTRY ITEMS"

The lady pays for her items and heads out. As I am paying for my socks the guy behind the register says, and I quote, "Thanks for the help man, you are like a super genius!"


Alison B. said...

dude - not only are you a friend of God but a super genius too? that is pretty awesome.

Kirsten said...

ha! the sad thing is, I now work at that store and I wonder who the poor kid was!!??