Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Ultimate Name Drop!

We all know those people. Sometimes we are those people. You know, the people who at some point in every conversation are going to do it no matter what you are talking about. NAME DROPpers. Whether the conversation is about sports and they have a cousin that shared a plane with Bo Jackson, or movies and your best friend ate dinner 5 tables over from Denzel. It happens all the time and as long as we are not the ones dropping the six degrees of separation bomb, we discredit the bomber as an attention seeker, or the dreaded one-upper.

Well I believe the ULTIMATE NAME DROP has made its way into the church, more specifically our worship. Now if anyone knows me, you know that I am not a musical person but that I love music. The right worship song at the right time will bring me to tears. BUT there is one song out there we must stop singing. That song "I am a friend of God". That's it - the biggest name drop in the history of the art of dropping names.

So next time your praise team leads you through the 19th repeat of the chorus, stop and think about it...are we just mindlessly stating our status to make ourselves feel better with the drop of the Greatest Name there is, or are we offering our praise to the one and only Living God and making Him more famous?

Brad (God's Friend)

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Our Full Life said...

Hilarious!!! Joey and I are laughing out loud!