Friday, August 29, 2008

MTSU lays another egg!!

I cannot begin to express my frustration with MTSU Football.. They plead and beg for people to get excited and forget about that team from the East that wears community service jumpsuit for uniforms, and oh show up for games. So every year we get the big push, Be Loud Be Proud Be Blue, All In, and the like, what happens? There is a much anticipated Thursday night game a good crowd shows up and...............They Lose!

So for another year, the attendance will now drop and we will have a couple more months of pretty much meaningless football.

Enough complaining, even with all the disappointment The Bynums had a good time.
NLB seem to enjoy see below.

MTSU vs Troy 2008 from Brad Bynum on Vimeo.


Alison B. said...

thank you for sharing my lovely singing with the internets.

nicole said...

I proudly support both the Big Blue and the Team from the east . . . as long as they don't play each other again.

Our Full Life said...

Fun!!! Norah and Alison looked so cute! :)
I'm with Nicole, I live in TN but I'm also an alumni!

Turner Farms said...

Great job on the video and music. I guess seats won't be too hard to come by this year? It's early, so they can get better!!;-)