Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun Times on a Saturday

Saturday started off with a little piece mill family breakfast, NLB ate some pancakes and AKB & I had some breakfast from Hardee's. (random I know)

Then we all left the house to run a few errands, Alison needed a gift for ME's birthday and I needed to use a gift card i had received for my birthday.

After the shopping trip we returned home, Alison got ready to go to work a short wedding, NLB and I grabbed a little lunch and while she napped I enjoyed the first Saturday of college football.

When Alison got home we loaded up and traveled to Hendersonville for ME's birthday party. After the party we realized that we needed dinner to avoid a meltdown we should grab some dinner before we made the drive back to Smyrna.

The choice we made - Zaxby's - Alison used the opportunity to teach NLB a valuable life lesson "the ranch dip"

How to feed a 1 year old at Zaxby's

Dinner at Zaxby's from Brad Bynum on Vimeo.

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