Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's your sign?

I have a question. What are the signs that your are in God's will, and out for that matter?

As I have continued to seek out where God's plans for my will lead our family I have begun to worry. "Have I missed some sign somewhere that would have lead me to all the answers?" Do I even know what to look for? Are there signs that I am missing stating "Wrong Way", "Turn Around", or "Dead End"?

There are several places in my life that I look back on as milestone moments, the day I married Alison, the days I met both of my daughters. Those days stick with me, those days are inked into my soul. Will I have another day like that? One that I can look at and say that was it, or will it be more subtle a serious of events that lead to the moment the light comes on? Will it be both? Can I trust the "feelings" I have about where I am and what I am doing with the life God has given me?

If there is anyone out there left that reads this thing, I would like to hear some stories, Please.


alison b said...

last night in our esther bible study, one of the things that beth moore mentioned that struck me was that God's plan was going to be accomplished on earth, with or without me. it was up to me to be seeking his will, and if i was intently doing that, He would honor my heart and help me discover it.

J Bussell said...

I have often wondered this myself. "Should I have done this or that", was God calling me to do this or that?" Personally I have to do a better job of being still and listening to God instead of trying to "think" my way through everything. Don't worry bro, I am right here with you on this issue.